About Us

About Us

The Zest Team

From its inception in July 2001, Zest has rapidly grown to be one of New Zealand’s leading cut flower and foliage exporters and continues to be a 100% locally owned family business. Based at the country’s largest international airport, in Auckland,

Zest exports to all major global markets, particularly focusing on niche marketing of Cymbidium, Paeonie, Hydrangea and Zantedeschia into the Northern Hemisphere off-season.

Flowers and foliage are sourced direct from more than 100 farms throughout New Zealand, growing across a diverse range of micro-climates. Before leaving the farm, flowers are picked, graded and packed by our growers, adhering to our strict post-harvest and quality specifications.

Upon delivery to our temperature controlled cool store facility, the quality is re-checked by our in-house ‘Quality Management Program’ to ensure our discerning customers consistently receive premium quality from New Zealand’s finest growers.