NorthlandNorthland holds a special place in the hearts of New Zealanders. The seaside town of Waitangi, near Russell, is the place where our founding document, 'The Treaty of Waitangi' - or 'Te Tiriti O Waitangi' in Maori - was drafted and signed. For this and many other reasons, Northland is a place of great significance for all New Zealanders; our spiritual birthplace.

Stretching almost 400 kilometres from the Kaipara Harbour north to Cape Reinga, Northland is a kaleidoscope of stunning vistas, quaint villages and sparsely populated settlements bursting with cultural experiences and history.

When you're travelling in Northland, the sea is your constant companion. The east coast tempts you with white sand, surf and sheltered blue bays. The west coast is wilder, alive with the energy of the Tasman Sea.

The climate in this region is tropical to temperate and is aptly known as the 'winterless north'. Key crops sourced from this area include, cymbidium, zantedeschia, protea and leucadendron.